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Tasty treats help Ukrainian orphans

Tasty treats help Ukrainian orphans
Published 5 July 2017
From Australia, with love.

From Australia, with love. The taste of home-made piroshki is raising funds for destitute children and widows in war-torn Ukraine.^^ Piroshki are the tasty treat of choice at the One Tree Hill Country Markets, raising funds for orphans in war-torn Ukraine. Photos: Rob McLean.At One Tree Hill, the Russian pastry treat’s smell drifts across the monthly markets, inspiring hunger.

It is also an inspiring message of love being sent by the family group who make the piroshki – with all money from the proceeds of their labours heading to the Ukraine. READ: What is happening in the Ukraine, as seen by former South Australian journalist Natalie Vikhrov.

For Raya, a member of the cooking team, the time spent in the kitchen is well worth it, as she helps those doing it tough in a place that rarely hits humanitarian headlines. ^^ There are no shortage of customers for the freshly made piroshki. Through contacts in the Ukraine, the piroshki proceeds are passed on to orphans and widows, war victims who now have nothing, not even homes.“Life in the Ukraine is not like what it is here in Australia,” Raya said.

“Children are devastated because they’ve seen their mother or father killed – there are a lot of orphans and they’re struggling because they’ve seen something so horrible.

“We have seen the work being done with this money and know it all goes to the children.” ^^ Check out the One Tree Hill Country Markets. As for the One Tree Hill Markets patrons, they are truly getting a taste sensation.

“People who come here and have piroshki for the first time come back for more,” Raya said.

You can get a taste of the piroshki at the One Tree Hill Country Markets held on the first Saturday of every month.

The next One Tree Hill Country Markets are on Saturday, 1 July. What are piroshki?

- Piroshki is plural for ‘small pie’;

- Baked or fried buns, with a variety of fillings;

- At One Tree Hill you can try potato, vegetable, or apple piroshki.