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Stretton Centre doing a fine job

Stretton Centre doing a fine job
Published 8 December 2016
The City of Playford's Stretton Centre recently celebrated its first birthday, highlighting some magnificent achievements.

The City of Playford's Stretton Centre recently celebrated its first birthday, highlighting some magnificent achievements.^ Brooke Geelen (left), Karina Jamieson, Anna Ventra, Sara Menz, Elise Pollard and Natalie Carypidis enjoy the Stretton Centre's first birthday celebrations. With a focus on developing business and employment opportunities in one of the fastest growing areas in South Australia, the City of Playford’s Stretton Centre celebrated its first birthday recently.Importantly, the Centre’s jobs website has been an important success for the region, gaining over 10,000 views.The City of Playford’s Mayor Glenn Docherty is delighted by all that has been achieved in the Centre’s first year.“The Stretton Centre has had great success with its jobs portal,” Mayor Docherty said.“The Centre is all about assisting jobseekers and emerging enterprises by providing them with employment opportunities, research grants and a high-tech work space where they can develop and grow their business."

First-year achievements:

Northern Adelaide Jobs Portal – launched and had over 10,000 views, connecting local people with local jobs.

The Stretton Centre connected with three other local businesses (Clientology, Bendigo Community Bank and Business SA) to fund The Northern Adelaide Entrepreneur Scholarship, encouraging entrepreneurship and starting a business.

Small Business Development Fund: Seven Playford businesses were successful in winning grant funding. These businesses combined have now received $431,800 in funding and have created 34 new jobs for Playford.

Suburban Jobs Program – The Stretton Centre received $11.3 million in funding to support projects and initiatives that create employment opportunities in the north.

The Stretton Centre hired its first trainee, who began a training and development course. The trainee is now employed at the centre and is joined by a second trainee.

The Stretton Centre was founded by the City of Playford, the University of Adelaide through its Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre (WISeR) and Renewal SA, and funded by the Australian Government and the Playford Alive Initiatives Fund. ^ Phil Harrison, Robert Stobbe, Glenn Docherty, Dermot Cussen^ Jenny Briggs, Jim Buckoke and Kerry Sutton. ^ City of Playford Deputy Mayor Dino Musolino (left) with Jane Onuzans. ^ Phil Harrison, Georgette Elston, City of Playford Chief Executive Mal Hemmerling and City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty.