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SALA's budding artists

SALA's budding artists
Published 12 July 2018
Pablo Picasso had it right when he said, “every child is an artist”.

Pablo Picasso had it right when he said, “every child is an artist”.

Sala Budding Artist Savana Stokes
Elizabeth Grove Primary School student Savana Stokes working on her mural cube for SALA. Photo: Kate Hayward

Up to 40 budding artists from Elizabeth Grove Primary School are now set to make their mark in the South Australian Living Artists Festival this August.

Thanks to a partnership between the City of Playford and Anglicare SA’s Communities for Children, these students have been painting what they love about their community for a large-scale installation, Square-Eyed.

The young artists have painted more than 20 large cubes with the support of illustrator, Robin Tatlow-Lord, in two workshops at Northern Sound System in July.

“The amount of talent is super high and we are going to have a lot of great talent coming out of this area,” Robin said.

The mural cubes will be activated by light and sound with student stories about their designs, activities they enjoy doing locally and future aspirations.

“I like spending my time painting because I can put my imagination on a piece of paper,” student Jake Sawyer said.

“I have drawn the Grove Park because it is in the area and part of our community.”

“When I first came to Australia, it was the first park I went to. I go there a lot with my friends, there is a big oval, we can ride bikes and play soccer,” student Elyse Inteyiteka added.

The installation will be accessible 24/7 in the Playford Civic Centre forecourt throughout August and complements a photographic exhibition; This is Our Town, in the Playford Civic Centre great hall.

Communities for Children is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

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