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Playford's Australia Day Award winners 2023

Playford's Australia Day Award winners 2023
Published 27 January 2023
The city of Playford is honored to announce its six Australia Day Award winners for 2023.

The foundation of Playford’s community is built out of the passion and purpose of its diverse and proud members. The Australia Day Awards Program is our opportunity to recognise and champion the remarkable achievements and contributions made by Playford’s unsung heroes.

The award winners were announced on Wednesday, 26 January 2022 during Playford's Australia Day Breakfast.

Award of Active Citizenship: Cheryl Drury

Cheryl has implemented life-changing financial support to members of our community who needed it most through her business First Steps solutions.

In 2020, during the peak of locks downs, mandatory isolating, and social distancing, Cheryl was able to do the unthinkable – develop a service, which helped people connect.

Her DATE-ABILITY program has helped people on the National Disability Insurance Scheme to learn about personal finance and build meaningful relationships – skills that have enabled scores of people to live a more independent and loving life.

Award of Young Active Citizenship: Seth Powell

Seth Powell is a valued member of the Edinburgh Scout group and has been actively leading by example as well as coaching and teaching new skills to younger scout members.

Seth has been a dedicated attendee at Playford’s Anzac Vigils and dawn services, where he has led two as the guard commander.

Seth is an outstanding member of the community who is always seeking to help others, mentor younger members of his troop, and is always determined to better the lives of those around him.

Sports Club of the year: Playford City Soccer Club

For many of us, a local sports club is a second home, an inclusive meeting place where we compete, establish friendships and build a sense of community. No one embodies these values more than Playford City Soccer Club.

This club has looked beyond the boundaries of its pitch, by sponsoring and befriending the Playford Women’s Shed and youth groups.

Other community groups have described Playford City Soccer Club as a shining example of inclusivity, and a sporting group who have offered endless support to both women and their families in our community.

Community Group or Initiative of the Year: Central District Football Club

In July 2021, Central District Football Club became a foundational member in the inaugural Novita SANFL Wheelchair Competition, with the creation of the CDFC Wheelchair team.

The club’s involvement in the league has provided a pathway for residents who may have never had an opportunity to play Aussie rules, a chance to compete and to wear their team colours – the mighty red white, and blue on the field for the first time.

The CDFC Wheelchair team is a team for everyone. Central District Football Club has provided social connectivity for both physically impaired players and the abled-bodied, allowing everyone to enjoy one of Australia’s favourite pastimes.

Young Citizen of the Year: Nathan Coppick

Nathan has been an active member of the Edinburgh Park Scout Group for over a decade. At age seven, he was picking up rubbish for Clean-up Australia Day, almost every year you will find him participating in ANZAC youth vigils, dawn services, and as a flag bearer at citizenship ceremonies.

At the past two ANZAC Day Commemorations Nathan undertook the prestigious role of being the commander of my very own Honour Guard. He has become a pivotal member of the scout’s leadership group, passing his skills and knowledge onto the next generation.

Nathan's Scout Leaders have described him as a hard worker, a team player, and an honest and respectful individual – someone who has demonstrated many of the qualities we look for in our future leaders.

Citizen of the Year: Joe Kielnerowski

Joe Kielnerowski has grown something truly special within our city. Over the past decade, Joe has been busy building a truly unique garden, one which has broken down walls and opened up a community.

Cooperating with his neighbours, this local leader has managed to pull his street’s resources together – creating a larger space for gardening, education on food production, the significance of food security, and most importantly to establish friendships and connections with those who live next door.

Joe's budding idea has blossomed into regularly held workshops for the wider community, including the local of Elizabeth Grove Primary and Playford International College.

He has also engaged volunteers through Midway Community House to spend their required volunteering hours at his community garden, many of whom attend more frequently than they are required because they simply love being there.

Joe also offered free workshops at Midway Community House so that learning about food production can e accessible to low-income families.


We would also like to thank all of our nominees for this year for their unique contributions to our community.

  • Kate Berlemon
  • Wendy Goss
  • Olivia King
  • Aimee Billing
  • Allen Robinson
  • Eastern Park Football Club
  • Playford Friends Group
  • ATCO Cricket Club
  • Elizabeth Vale Soccer Club
  • Northside Boxing Club
  • Lee Van Soerst