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ON THE VERGE: Your mowing questions answered

Your mowing questions answered
Published 19 October 2017
We receive many queries about our verge mowing program, and here are answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions.

We receive many queries about our verge mowing program, and here are answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Council’s mowing schedule, and when will you be in my area? Mowing is divided across all areas within Council to ensure each section is manageable, completed within given time frames and cut an equal amount of times.

The schedule is on the City of Playford's regularly updated website – at peak times it takes 35 to 40 working days to completely mow our large Council area.

You can also call our Customer Service Officers (8256 0333) to learn when we’ll be in your area. I sometimes see Council staff stop and not pick up rubbish left on the verge – why? Any rubbish on a kerb that is not part of a pre-arranged hard rubbish collection is considered illegally dumped.

When illegally dumped rubbish is found by Council staff, or reported by residents, our Litter Prevention Officer:

Ensures the rubbish is bunted off with yellow tape (under investigation),

Asks the resident, via letter, to remove it within 48 hours,

If it’s not removed the resident may be fined (up to $1000) – and Council will remove rubbish.


New way to dob in a litterer

Cameras target illegal dumpingIllegal dumpers finedWhy do some clippings remain on the street after the verge has been mowed? Street sweepers follow the mowers with the aim of removing all grass from the road by the day’s final shift (approximately 9pm).

In some cases (breakdown/staff resources) the grass is removed within 24 hours, complying with EPA requirements.

Blowers are used by staff to transfer clippings from the footpath to the roadway for removal by the street sweeper.

Why don’t they trim my verge’s edges? Kerbside and footpath verge edges are weed sprayed, and the edges will die within 10 days.

Weed spraying slows growth of edges for longer than just cutting. Why do they cut it so low?

We cut the verges as low as possible to maximise time between cuts - in peak mowing season it can take between 35 to 40 working days to return to your area, which leaves a lot of growth time.

Don’t worry if it looks too low – it will re-green quickly at the first rain. I take pride in my house and mow my own verge. Can I tell Council NOT to mow my verge? Yes, you can maintain your verge, but you’ll need to inform Council.

Email, lodge an online request, call us, or send a letter to Council (details below) and notify us of your address and your desire to maintain the verge.

Once you’ve done that your kerb will be marked with green paint so staff know not to mow that section. Why did they only cut the reserve’s edge and not the whole thing? Our mowing team initially cuts the perimeter of windbreaks/reserves as large tractor slashers are used to mow these areas – Council’s smaller mowers aren’t designed for this terrain.

Tractor slashing teams follow and complete the job.

Why have they mowed most of the reserve, but left some grass there? In many Council reserves there are patches of local native grasses that we are maintaining – with assistance and direction from our Biodiversity team.

We wait until the seed has matured and dropped before we cut these areas, and these are often the grasses you may see.


Verge Mowing Schedule

Customer Care Contact - 8256 0333.

Lodge an Online Request

E-mail Council

Mailing Address – 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park, SA, 5113.