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New Drakes distribution centre provides 500 jobs in Playford

New Drakes distribution centre provides 500 jobs in Playford
Published 29 May 2018
A new state-of-the-art $80 million distribution centre will be built in the City of Playford creating 550 jobs in SA’s Next Great City.

A new state-of-the-art $80 million distribution centre will be built in the City of Playford creating 550 jobs in SA’s Next Great City.

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Plans by independent grocery retailer Drakes Supermarkets to develop a large-scale, state-wide distribution and logistics centre at Edinburgh North have been approved. The City of Playford’s Mayor Glenn Docherty said the distribution centre is a major boost for the economy, supporting the forecast growth of 35,000 new Playford residents by 2036.

“Despite the doom and gloom predicted by Holden’s closure – this is just one of many private investments coming into our region, which is clear evidence that our Council is taking an active role in shaping the future of Adelaide’s north,” Mayor Docherty said.

“As the gateway to the north, we are perfectly positioned to accommodate this development, particularly with infrastructure development such as the Northern Connector under construction.

“The City of Playford is open for business and we expect that this will be the first of many announcements to come as more and more businesses realise the potential in our community.”

Drakes Supermarkets

Private investment

The project is a fully funded, private development representing significant commercial investment in the Playford community.

It follows announcements of a new hotel and winter sports and entertainment facility as part of the Playford CBD project, along with ACH’s purchase of land at Elizabeth Vale to develop a community medical hub.

Drakes general manager Bob Soang said it is estimated his company’s development will provide approximately 300 jobs during construction and between 120 to 250 FTE jobs ongoing.

“As a local family-owned business we are pleased to create so many jobs in the northern suburbs of Adelaide that have faced many challenges in recent years,” Mr Soang said.

“It will be the most advanced independent distribution and logistics centre in the State and is a key plank of our group’s vertical integration strategy within the supermarket sector.”

Collaborative approach

Drakes Supermarkets worked closely with the City of Playford throughout the planning stages to include landscaping to improve local amenity, as well as ensure little to no local traffic impact.

Preliminary site works have now begun on the 104,000 m² development that will have capacity to house approximately 23,000 separate lines of products, including grocery, dairy and frozen foods.

The site also includes an additional area for future development.

The distribution and logistics centre located on Stebonheath Road will incorporate more than $12 million of robotics as part of a high-tech warehouse picking system.

Drakes Supermarkets 2
Preliminary works have started at the Stebonheath Road site.

Drakes Supermarket distribution centre fast facts

  • Application officially approved for large-scale SA-wide distribution and logistics centre for Drakes Supermarkets based at Edinburgh North
  • Up to $80 million private investment into Playford
  • Development site area 103,799m² (overall area 163,000 m² – therefore potential for the development to expand)
  • Up to 550 Jobs (300 in construction and up to 250 ongoing FTE jobs)
  • Drakes supplied multiple consultant reports re adhering to noise, lighting and environmental standards
  • Includes a landscape plan to improve the amenity of the area by providing additional plantings that will screen offices/ warehouses
  • Little to no traffic impact - Drake’s main entrance will be located on Stebonheath Road, avoiding increasing congestion on the busy Womma Road