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John McVeity Centre results - January 17

John McVeity Centre results - January 17
Published 17 January 2017
The John McVeity Centre sports wrap returns, with Daniel Lauszas the sports star of the week.

The John McVeity Centre sports wrap returns, with Daniel Lauszas the sports star of the week. #SmartSports Player profile: Daniel Lauszas. In what competitions do you participate at the John McVeity Centre?DL: I currently play Wednesday and Sunday night futsal What is favorite aspect of playing sport in a social competition?DL: Getting the opportunity to catch up with mates, and winning games. What is your ‘highlight’ moment of playing at JMC so far?DL: Drawing against my friend Billy's team when we had my sister filling in for us. What is the funniest moment you have seen on court?DL: Watching our captain Luke Feast trying to run out a whole game. Finally, what piece of advice would you give to people thinking about making a social sporting team?DL: Get reliable players, unlike my team-mate Julian Choufan.RESULTS (from the week beginning Wednesday, January 10): SOCCERWednesday Men (Round 12)Zomi United 8 drew OB City 8, The Touch Up Boys 5 d Once Were Legends 3, TBA 5 d Manchesthair United 4, Real CCA Misfits 3 l Deutschland 8, Release the Kraken 11 d Warriors 7, Dirty Sanchez 5 d The Entertainers 0 Saturday Under 10s (Round 10)

The Grove Way 4 l MP Lions 5, Sharpshooters 0 l Munno City 1Saturday Junior Soccer Under 12's (Round: 10)

One Tree Hill 5 l One on One All Stars 6, SV All Stars 4 d Foot Soldiers 1, Foxes 8 d Strikeforce 5 Sunday Men (Round 13)

Golden Balls 4 l YTD 5, Dugongs 6 d Anchormen 5, Volt111 10 d Brentham United 3, The Shims 8 d Krakkakalin 3, Balls Deep 11 d Corn Whale 6, The Mighty Goats 8 d P.B.C.R.U 3 NETBALL

Wednesday Women (Round one)

The Queen Bees 41 d Wii Not Fit 11 Thursday Mixed (Round seven)

Cherry Bomber 33 d Fill Ins 10, Interceptions 37 d Misfits 17 Monday Women (Round 13)

Phantoms 29 d Rebels 24, Unknown 2 l Isababes 40, Feisty Mummas 8 l Swat 61, Blue Lightning 20 l Renegades 30, Kookaburras 24 drew Green Machine 24, Chicken Dinner 23 d All Sorts 22

BASKETBALLFriday Men (Round four)

Tigers 49 d The Pigs 45, Dav Stars 24 l Savage AF 54, Vikings 31 l Splash 38, Northern Heat 36 d Flight Crew 21, Trust the Process 45 l StormHoopers 52