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John and Anne love Living Life to the Fullest

John and Anne love Living Life to the Fullest
Published 2 November 2017
Some of Playford’s most active residents were recognised at the Grenville Community Connections Hub recently.

Some of Playford’s most active residents were recognised at the Grenville Community Connections Hub recently.

^^ Anne Thompson and John Skidmore (right), with City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty, celebrate their Living Life to the Fullest Award wins. Photo: Rob McLean The ‘Living Life To The Fullest Awards’ event was hosted by popular television presenter Kym Syrus, while City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty presented the awards to winners John Skidmore and Anne Thompson, who have an unwavering commitment to living a life that is vibrant, fun and fulfilling.

Award recipients are chosen from community members who represent positive ageing in their daily lives and who challenge the stereotypes associated with older people.

The winners John Skidmore:

The sole full-time carer of his wife, Sylvia, John lovingly and conscientiously attended to her needs.

Even with this important role at the forefront, John still had the energy and imagination to write and direct humorous productions for the Grenville Players.

This year has not been the best for John, as Sylvia passed away, but, he is determined that the show must go on.

John has the most amazing love of life and his great sense of optimism ensured the Grenville Players, once again, performed their annual season of pantomime.

Anne Thompson:

Anne, is a volunteer and driver with Playford Council, who also helps with a wide variety of activities within the Palms Residential Village at Waterloo Corner.

She arranges, drives and helps with “See the Sights of the City of Playford”, a program designed to give carers, and the socially isolated, opportunities to meet others.

Anne also provides the menus and cooks and caters for up to 70 people at the regular Palms Residential Park lunch-time socials.

As if this is not enough, Anne volunteers at the Virginia Institute while helping with the Northern Carers Network as a volunteer driver for the Time Out Group.

She also volunteers with the Northern Carers Saturday Kids, for very young children with disability, and the Tons of Fun program for older children.

Anne is also an active participant in the Playford Community Services Consumer Reference Group.

In her 70s, Anne shows that age is no barrier to helping others fulfil their dreams. Highly commended Meanwhile, Alice Richardson and Chris Browning were highly commended for their amazing contributions to Living Life to the Fullest.

Alice has heartily thrown herself into the Playford community since moving to the area and is a founding member of the Silver Beat Rock Choir.

A volunteer at Grenville, Alice has also organised art exhibitions, performs with the Vintage Theatre Group, knits trauma teddies for young children in hospitals, is an active member of her community housing group, along with so many other activities.

Alice truly is an example of Living Life to the Fullest.

Chris Browning teaches art at the Grenville and is a very patient and helpful teacher, even helping transporting his students to classes.

He also helps the wider Grenville community by volunteering at events such as SALA.

Chris is a very outgoing person with a youthful outlook and a cheeky personality, which tends to lift your spirits and make you feel youthful again. Other nominees for the Living Life to the Fullest Awards were Jeanne Pellas-Vanston, Barbara Bakkelo, Sue Goode, Brenda Kovalett, Gloria Dennis, The Playford Bowling Club Amalgamation Committee, Gail Sweet, Jaz Storey and Leopolda Cosgrove. If you’re keen on Living Life to the Fullest, get along to the Grenville Community Connections Hub at 10 Playford Boulevard (8256 0377), Elizabeth, or click HERE for further information.