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JMC sports results

JMC sports results
Published 20 December 2016
Catch up with all the latest sporting results from the John McVeity Centre, including a profile on sports star Hannah Roberts.

Catch up with all the latest sporting results from the John McVeity Centre, including a profile on sports star Hannah Roberts. #SmartSports PLAYER PROFILE: Hannah Roberts What competitions do you play in at the John McVeity Centre?HR: I currently play Monday Night Women's Netball What is favorite part of playing social sport?HR: Being able to catch up with friends, have fun and get fit. What has been your highlight of playing at JMC?HR: The many laughs I have been able to have with my friends on court What is the funniest moment you have seen on court?HR: When I fall over and everyone laughs Why did you start playing social sport?HR: It is an opportunity to bring friends together to have a few laughs whilst also getting that bit fitter from the netball. RESULTS (from the week beginning Wednesday, December 14):


Wednesday Men (Round 11)Manchesthair United 14 d Warriors 5, Once Were Legends 11 d Zomi United 4, OB City 3 d Release the Kraken 2, Deutschland 7 d TBA 6, Redbacks 2 l Dirty Sanchez 5,The Entertainers 6 d Real CCA Misfits 2 Saturday Under 10s (Round: 9)MP Lions 4 d Sharpshooters 1, The Grove Way 3 l Munno City 4 Saturday Under 12s (Round: 9)One Tree Hill 7 d SV All Stars 2, One on One All Stars 3 d Foxes 2, Nutmegz 3 d Foot Soldiers 2 Sunday Men's (Round: 11)The Shims 5 l Corn Whale 15, Yolo Toure 6 l ASVP Mob 7, Victo Burto's Fish & Chips 7 d Brentham United 2, The Mighty Goats 8 d D6 4, Adam Johnson Day Care 1 l Release the Kraken 9, FC ACS 2 l Krakkakalin 8, PSV Hangover 7 d Tekkerz 1, The Old Guns 1 l Anchormen 9, Barossa Boys 2 l Show Me Da Mane 11, Deutschland 5 drew Tea & Busquets 5, Balls Deep 13 d YTB 5, Trump FC 1 l P.B.C.R.U 9


Thursday Mixed (Round 6)Misfits 26 d Fill Ins 18, Interceptions 31 d Flamingos 18 Monday Womens Netball (Round: 13)Unknown 9 l All Sorts 39, Kookaburras 33 d Madams of Mayham 26, Feisty Mummas 20 l Phantoms 25, Warriors 0 l Renegades 20, Green Machines 31 l Swat 42, Rebels 20 d Isababes 0, Blue Lightning 28 d Chicken Dinner 26


Friday Men's (Round: 3)Kareem Of The Crop 32 d Dav Stars 29, Flight Crew 38 l Splash 58, Savage AF 19 l StormHoopers 43, Trust The Process 58 d The Pigs 22