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It’s a war, a colour war!

It’s a war, a colour war!
Published 10 April 2017
The outdoor cinema is back for one night only but with a bit of a twist.

The outdoor cinema is back for one night only but with a bit of a twist.

Playford’s free outdoor cinema is back by popular demand this Easter Saturday.But to truly make it an epic long weekend, we have added more to the outdoor cinema program at the Playford Alive Town Park in Munno Para - a colour war!Get your family together and let the games begin, dodging colour bomb explosions in a colour war from 4pm, with over 50 kilos of powder to be unleashed on the town park. Here's all you need to know:

The powder! The colour powder is non-toxic and isn't harmful to you or the environment.

While it isn't toxic, we encourage anyone with sensitive breathing to wear a mask, provided on the day by our staff. Also to avoid getting powder in your eyes, bring your sunnies! There will be hand- and face-wash stations at the park for a quick clean up.

Wear white! Wear a blank canvas for the full impact of the colour bomb explosions.

Clean up! We have hand and face washing stations available. The best way to get the powder off your hair and clothes is to do the Taylor Swift and 'Shake it off'. The powder does not stain; a bit of soap, wash, rinse, repeat will get the job done.

Have fun! Not so much of a colour war, but a riot. On the count of 3, 2, 1 music and chaos will ensue. No teams and no points, just have fun, get colourful and messy!

And once the dust cloud settles, sit back and relax with the outdoor screening of Minions from 6.30pm.Bring picnic blankets, chairs or beanbags and make yourself at home.There will be cheap snacks, popcorn and slushies available for $1 just before the movie starts, so don’t miss out on this free event!For further information, contact our Customer Care team

(8256 0333). Playford Alive Outdoor Cinema

+ Colour War Saturday, 15 April: Playford Alive Town Park, Munno Para4pm to 5.30pm: Colour War6:30 to 8.30pm: Outdoor Cinema * The Outdoor Cinema Series is brought to you by Playford Alive/Renewal SA and supported by the City of Playford.