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Grenville Centre’s design revealed

Grenville Centre’s design revealed
Published 8 August 2018
A design for the City of Playford’s new Grenville Centre for the community’s over 50s has been finalised.

A design for the City of Playford’s new Grenville Centre for the community’s over 50s has been finalised.

Grenville Centre
The exterior of the new Grenville Centre, which is to be built in Prince George Plaza in the Playford CBD.

Since 1982, the Grenville Centre has provided a venue for activities and social interaction, support services and advice, healthy affordable meals and a welcoming community environment.

“To continue this tradition, a new purpose-built centre with upgraded and state-of-the-art amenities designed to meet the evolving needs of the Grenville community is needed – a centre where Playford’s over-50s community can continue to live life to the fullest,” City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty said.

“Close consultation with the Grenville Centre community has taken place to ensure the new Grenville building fits the needs of Grenville members both now and into the future, and become an exemplar of what can be achieved in community centre design and functionality.”

The new building will retain key features of the old building, such as a dance hall and stage, kitchen, dining and activity areas, together with the office space and amenities necessary to deliver the full range of services and programs currently delivered.

The new building, to be located at the top of Prince George Plaza, next to the Playford Civic Centre, will be a great improvement on the old site.

The two-storey design will provide an extra 40 per cent floor space providing flexibility for both current and potential future uses.

Space is also provided for a community garden.

Design concepts produced by architects City Collective have been presented to the Grenville community, and have received support/approval from Council.

Construction is expected to commence late in 2018 and take 12 months to complete, with an opening expected in late 2019.

The existing Grenville building will be decommissioned ahead of the hotel development, set to commence on the site early next year (2019).

A $50 million 4.5 star hotel will be built on the old Grenville site once the site is cleared.

The hotel will have restaurants, rooftop bar, swimming pool and a day spa. The hotel is a private development fully funded by an experienced hotel developer.

Project timelines will necessitate a temporary relocation of the Grenville services to the Playford Civic Centre for the period between commencement of the hotel development and completion of the new Grenville building.