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DUMP WATCH: The illegal dumping battle

DUMP WATCH: The illegal dumping battle
Published 2 May 2017
The City of Playford is set to make illegal dumpers stars of CCTV.

The City of Playford is set to make illegal dumpers stars of CCTV. Video cameras will be installed in notorious dumping hot spots across the City of Playford in a campaign to reduce rubbish and its cost to ratepayers.The City of Playford deals with up to seven tonnes of illegally dumped rubbish per day, with an annual cost to ratepayers of $1 million to clean up roads, reserves and verges. ^^ Illegal dumping costs ratepayers $1 million annually to clean up.

Mayor Glenn Docherty said illegal dumpers will no longer be able to leave their rubbish in Playford without fear of repercussions.“This is a warning to illegal dumpers, we will use the video footage to identify and prosecute you,” Mayor Docherty said.The cameras will be remotely monitored, feature excellent night-time vision, can recognise number plates and are particularly effective in this type of surveillance.Signs located throughout the council area will warn those thinking about dumping of the presence of cameras in the Playford area.Illegal dumpers can be fined $1000 and be liable to prosecution of up to $30,000 or six months jail, or more if a company is dumping.Under the newly introduced Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act (link to new act), it is now easier for offenders to be prosecuted. READ: Dob in a litterer