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Collaborating with history

Collaborating with history
Published 7 November 2016
A walking tour of a local cemetery which featured collaboration between the City of Playford's history and biodiversity teams.

A walking tour of a local cemetery which featured collaboration between the City of Playford's history and biodiversity teams. ‘Listen very carefully; I will say this only once'.

The word collaborator often brings up images of French resistance fighters from the television show 'Allo Allo’ (BBC production - 1982 to 1992), whispering in bad French accents.

I use the word collaborator, not in the sense of working with the enemy but in terms of working with others to achieve an aim.

But did you know City of Playford houses a local history collection? Including artifacts, published works, maps, records, photographs and much more? The collection is looked after by dedicated staff at the Playford Civic Centre Library and is carefully stored in the library as items are selected for permanent or long-term preservation due to their enduring cultural or historical value. The staff who run this collection are always on the lookout to collaborate and share Playford’s rich history with others, including churches, libraries, schools and clubs. Ways to collaborate:

Information and expertise

To develop a display, plan a guided tour or research for a talk, then look no further than the local history collection.

The City of Playford’s collection features, among other things, photographs, maps and cemetery records.

There is also a staff member whose role it is to assist the public in accessing information – this service is free.

Our local historians are passionate about their job and will often look deep in the dark depths of our collection to find the resources you require. This service is free.


While local historians may not know everything, they will certainly know how to find the information you need.

A contact in a council can open doors to other staff within the organisation, or other people within the community with whom you can collaborate.

With some lateral thinking you can combine a history event with other areas of council, such as:

- Guided tours of local cemeteries combined with a talk on local flora by Council’s diodiversity team;

- A bus tour can incorporate a tour of a Council facility where community services teams can talk about programs.

A bus tour of the local area could easily incorporate a tour of a local institute, guided by the community services staff that work within the building.

Having local dignitaries attend your event may heighten its profile and bring media coverage, which the City of Playford might also facilitate.

Combined events may give you easier access to the mayor and councillors.


Council often has venues where you can run a talk or an exhibition.

The City of Playford Library Service has space available for community groups to utilise, sometimes for free.


The City of Playford may also help promote your event through its publications, such as Playford News and North Is Up, or its social media networks.

Befriend your local historian, they will certainly collaborate with you to promote your community’s history.

Each council is different with its staffing, collection and requirements, and not all that has been mentioned may be possible, but City of Playford staff will be happy to discuss your ideas for collaboration. You can contact the City of Playford’s history service via 8256 0382, 8256 0334 or

- Daina Pocius’ manages the City of Playford’s local history, including looking after council’s heritage collection, ensuring it is promoted to the general public, organising history events and maintaining the Uleybury School Museum at One Tree Hill. Currently she is working on placing local history photographs online, all 15,000 of them.