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Bird-scarer regulations

Bird-scarer regulations
Published 2 February 2017
At times, primary producers in Playford need to protect their crops with bird-scaring devices. Learn more about the regulations surrounding these devices.

The sound of bird-scaring devices is synonymous with this time of year in parts of Playford as primary producers protect their valuable crops from winged invaders.

Horticulture is a significant economic driver in the Playford community, with farmers using the devices to scare off birds tempted by the tasty morsels growing in local fruit blocks.

The City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty said local primary producers should be aware of the rules regarding the use of bird-scaring devices, while it is also important neighbouring residents understand why they are in use.

“Bird damage can substantially affect the profitability of primary production and audible bird-scaring devices are used by primary producers as an effective way of managing potential orchard and vineyard crop losses,” Mayor Docherty said.

Council is encouraging property owners using audible bird-scaring devices to ensure the devices are correctly calibrated, the timers are functioning correctly and that all regulated activities are controlled to ensure minimal disturbance to nearby residents.

Mr Docherty said the By-law, being enforced by Council, seeks to avoid noise disturbance by restricting the hours that devices can be used and how often they are fired.

Bird-scaring device guidelines:

Audible bird-scaring devices can only be used between the hours of 7AM and 8PM, seven days a week (excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday);

Detonations must not exceed six per hour and, where an electronic device is used, it must not exceed 30 seconds in duration;

Devices must not be located nearer than 300 metres or be directed at premises;

Devices are limited to one device per five hectares of land; and, the area within four metres of a device must be cleared of flammable material prior to use;

Monitoring and assessing potential impact on nearby residents will be investigated by Council’s Planning Compliance Officer.

Click for further information, or to speak to Council about bird scarers, ring the City of Playford's Customer Care Team

(8256 0333).