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Architect named for next Playford CBD project

Architect named for next Playford CBD project
Published 18 April 2018
City Collective has been named as architects for the proposed new Grenville Community Connections Hub.

City Collective has been named as architects for the proposed new Grenville Community Connections Hub.

^ A map of Prince George Plaza showing the location of the current Grenville Centre and its new location.

Design of the new facility commences in July as the City of Playford prepares for the next stage of the Next Great City development at Prince George Plaza.

Planned construction of a seven-storey, 4.5 star luxury hotel in the heart of the CBD of the North at Elizabeth means Playford’s community centre for the over-50s will need to move.

“The Grenville provides activities and social interaction, support services and advice, healthy affordable meals and a welcoming community environment for our older residents,” City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty said.

“To continue this tradition, a new purpose-built centre designed to meet the needs of the Grenville community is required, replacing an outdated building that was due for upgrade.”

New locationMayor Docherty said the new Grenville, replacing the original centre built in 1982, will stay in Prince George Plaza, retaining access to services at the Playford Civic Centre and library, as well as remaining near Elizabeth City Centre and other amenities.

“The construction schedule for the Hotel Playford means design and construction of a new Grenville Hub now becomes the top priority in terms of commencement,” Mayor Docherty said.

“Rather than being a project that would follow the Hotel Playford and other CBD projects, the Grenville is now ‘next cab off the rank’ and patrons will not have to wait long to see the new facility come to fruition.”

Design and construction of the new Grenville is planned for next financial year, with a likely 12-month build process upon completion of concept design and consultation.

The new location is planned to include space for the Grenville community garden, room for bus drop-offs and bus/van parking, as well as having approximately 40 per cent more floor area than the existing facility.

The architects have also designed the new retail outlets that will soon be built on Prince George Plaza, providing an opportunity for complementary designs at the site.

Grenville patrons are being consulted along every step of the project’s lifespan.

To contact the Grenville Community Connections Hub:

Phone: 8256 0377