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An enterprising arrangement at Coventry

An enterprising arrangement at Coventry
Published 18 February 2019
Social enterprise is breathing new life into an old site at Coventry Road, Smithfield Plains.

The Precinct at Coventry, formerly the Para Worklinks site, is now a hub for a variety of businesses and services bringing tangible benefits to the Playford community.

City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty said The Precinct’s tenants provide a wide variety of services to the community.

The new tenants include:

“The City of Playford’s social enterprise precinct offers businesses and services opportunities to engage local people, organisations and businesses and work together to tackle social challenges, while stimulating the economy by offering jobs and training,” Mayor Docherty said.

There is plenty of room for growth at the Precinct on Coventry, with opportunities available for business, government agencies or community initiatives seeking the following:

  • Collaborative working space (mixed-use area for businesses, government agencies, co-working, meeting and training spaces);
  • Maker space (for projects and companies tackling social challenges by making and creating);
  • Grower space (to grow and farm organic produce);
  • Community space (commercial cooking enterprises).

To get involved, visit The Precinct at Coventry (112 Coventry Road, Smithfield Plains) or contact Cyndi Neuzerling (8256 0333 or