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10 simple steps to Step Up and be Healthy

10 simple steps to Step Up and be Healthy
Published 31 March 2017
<p>It’s Public Health Week so let’s check out 10 simple steps you can take to Step Up and Be Healthy.

It’s Public Health Week so let’s check out 10 simple steps you can take to Step Up and Be Healthy.

Public Health Week runs from the 3 to 7 April; and includes World Health Day.

^^ Find out more about Public Health Week in the video above

Check out these simple steps you can take to become healthier.

1. Immunisation

Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way to protect the community against harmful diseases. The City of Playford provides an immunisation service in which you can receive immunisations for you and your family at participating clinics.

We also provide certain vaccinations for FREE to children and/or pregnant women.

2. Walking Trails and Dog Parks

Take preventative health measures and get out into the great outdoors with our local walking trails or if you have a furry friend take Fido to one of our local dog parks.

Here is a list of some locations to get you started:

Walking Trails

Jo Gapper Park Activity Park Trails

Smith Creek Walking Trail

Little Para Seed Orchard

Munno Para Wetlands

Dog Parks

Jo Gapper Dog Park

Stebonheath Dog Park

Blakes Crossing Dog Park

3. Mental Health

It’s not just your physical health! It’s World Health Day -‘ Let’s Talk Depression’ on Friday 7 April.

Support networks are very important if you or someone you know has a mental illness.

Playford has several support networks you can connect with here.

4. Cooking healthy

What we put in our bodies helps keep us happy and healthy. We have a range of nutritious and healthy programs for the family; including the Kids in the Kitchen and Blokes in the Kitchen programs.

5. Purchasing healthy food

Don’t worry we have you covered! The Food Co-ops are located in Smithfield Plains and Elizabeth Downs to provide a wide range of food and products to suit all budgets. This also includes the Easy Meals range to feed a family of four for $8.50 or less.

6. Live Life, Get Active!

Sometimes exercising with others can be fun and motivating. The Live Life, Get Active program has FREE sessions five days a week at Fremont Park in Elizabeth. You can meet new people and have fun, surrounding yourself by nature. Find out more here.

7. Food Safety

Our Health team has introduced a Food Safety Rating Scheme called “Scores on Doors” for food businesses.

It is our way of promoting a food businesses’ safe food handling practices and helps you make more informed choices about where you purchase food.

Find out more in the video above>>

8. Men’s Shed

The Playford Men’s Shed is a key hub location for men in the Playford region to access information on men’s services, with clear links and pathways to relevant services and programs within the Playford region.

The Playford Men’s Shed, located in Davoren Park, has the traditional Men’s Shed activities such as wood working and metal work.

9. Community Centres

Community Centres such as the Elizabeth Rise, John McVeity Centre, Aquadome and Grenville Centre offer weekly activities that include fun, health, fitness and networking.

Find out more from the programs below:

John McVeity Centre:

For adults

For kids

Elizabeth Rise Community Centre

April Timetable here

Grenville Community Connection Hub

Current Timetable

To find out more contact Customer Care on: 8256 0333.

10. Playspaces

Playspaces are a great place for kids to get active! With so many around Playford we’ve created a list so you can check out all the great spaces, perfect for a family picnic spot.

Access the list of Playgrounds and Play Spaces here.