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I live in the residential parking zone in Elizabeth Vale. Do I need a permit?

As the Lyell McEwin Hospital is situated amongst residential housing in Elizabeth Vale, it has resulted in the introduction of residential parking permit zones between 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

To avoid expiation fees, local residents are issued a maximum of two annual permits to each property, which must be displayed in the windscreen of your vehicle. If you are a new tenant, contact Council to request a permit (

Can I park my truck or bus on the street?

If your truck or bus weighs more than 4.5 tonne or greater than 7m in length on a residential road, it is not allowed to be parked for periods greater than one hour – you may receive an expiation fee otherwise.

Can I park my truck or bus on my property?

If your truck or bus weighs more than 3 tonnes, parking it on your property may be considered a development, and you may receive an expiation fee as it is not deemed necessary for domestic use.

To park such a vehicle on your property, you must lodge a development application to Council (8256 0333 or

Disabled parking

Council does not issue disabled persons parking permits.

For information on disabled parking permits visit the website below.

Multi-Storey Carpark

The six-storey multi-deck Windsor Carpark is located on the corner of Philip Highway and Main North Road in the Playford CBD. Providing ready access to shopping and new CBD developments, it provides secure parking, free for the first three hours.

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What are the opening times, fees and charges of the Windsor Carpark?

Open hours are between 6am and 10.30pm Monday to Friday, and open until 11.30pm on weekends.

Monday to Friday the first three hours are free - after that, the fourth hour will cost $1 and every hour after that will cost an additional $2.

On weekends the first four hours are free, with the fifth hour costing $2 and costing approximately $1 per hour after that.

Lost tickets will result in the maximum daily rate being charged - $15 on weekdays and $10 on weekends.

Are there any concessions, early-bird deals or free-parking periods available?

Parking is free for the first three hours on weekdays and for the first four hours on weekends.

Grenville Hub Members and Grenville volunteers are eligible for free parking, providing they are attending the Grenville Hub and have their ticket validated.

City of Playford staff and visitors to the new hotel and medical hub are entitled to the normal three hour free period (four hours on weekends). There are no concession card discounts. No early-bird parking deals are currently available.

What disability access is available?

There are a total of eight disability parks within the carpark, located adjacent to the elevators on each floor. There is a mobility-friendly ramp from the ground floor elevator exit to the road level on Prince Charles Street.

How do I access my car out of hours?

As long as you have entered the carpark during operational hours, have your ticket, and pay the fee required, the exit gate will open to allow you to leave the carpark.

What types of vehicle can use the carpark?

Most types of cars and motorcycles can be accommodated in the carpark. The maximum height clearance of the carpark is 2.4m.

Further information about the Windsor Carpark can be found in the FAQ document below.

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Windsor Carpark Dates and Rates

Parking Signage

We have a variety of parking signs and restrictions around Playford - these restrictions aid in the safety of residents, visitors and motorists, as well as providing a service to our community and in some cases, are legally required.

For more information about no-stopping zones, disabled parking and stopping on a path, median strip, nature strip, painted island or traffic island, download the City of Playford’s Parking Information Fact Sheet.

Parking Around Schools

The City of Playford staff monitors parking zones and restrictions to ensure the safety of children as well as maintaining traffic flow during busy drop-off and pick-up periods. Council is committed to community education around the correct use and understanding of school zones, and parking in them.