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Development Plan

What is the Development Plan?

The Development Plan is the document that planners use to assess development applications.

In South Australia, each Council has their own Development Plan which divides the Council into specific zones depending on the residential, commercial or industrial land uses for each location. The plan sets out the desired character for each zone of the Council area, the types of development which are appropriate, and can outline how an area of that Council should be developed in the future.

The Playford Council Development Plan is structured into:

  • General provisions – policies which apply over the whole Council area
  • Zone provisions – policies relevant to a specific zone
  • Tables – contain information such as parking requirements and heritage buildings
  • Maps – provide maps relating to zones and development constraints

What is a Development Plan Amendment?

From time to time, the Development Plan needs to be updated to reflect a change in policy or community expectations - this process is called a Development Plan Amendment (DPA). A DPA is usually initiated by a Council but can also be initiated by the Minister. Depending on the scope or complexity of the DPA, the process can take months or years to complete.

Council will firstly prepare a statement of intent for the Minister which outlines the reasons why a DPA is needed. After receiving approval from the Minister, Council investigates the amendments to be made, and a period of consultation with residents is also undertaken. Residents are able to make written submissions within the given time-frame, and if any submissions are received a public meeting is held.

If Council decides to go ahead with the DPA after the public consultation period, and the Minister approves, then the DPA is implemented.