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Renewed focus on the CBD

2021 - A big step for the CBD

Together with the community, the City of Playford has a vision to transform the Elizabeth CBD into a thriving mix of retail and commercial activity along with services, entertainment and experiences, higher education, cultural pursuits, public spaces and a more attractive and green entrance corridor.

Council renewed its focus on reshaping the CBD in mid-2021, when it went to market for development partners. The Expression of Interest (EOI) process was an important step in the project, with Council seeking private developers that align to the community’s vision for the area, to ensure the right mix of quality urban design is delivered, which may include retail, business, professional and education offerings.

On Tuesday 30 November, a Special Council Meeting will be held for Council to consider which written submissions from the (EOI) will proceed to the next stage of the project. The Council will decide which proposals will be invited to provide detailed submissions, including concept designs, detailed delivery information and financial plans for the development. This meeting will be held in confidence to ensure Council gets the best result for the community and best value outcomes for ratepayers.

The primary CBD site is located adjacent to Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth, with the project also including consideration of how the windbreaks along Main North Road could be enhanced to create a more active and green entrance way into the city.

Why a reshaped CBD?

With a population that is expected to reach 132,000 by 2036, a revitalised CBD is needed to meet the demands of the city’s rapidly growing community. It also responds to growth in areas beyond Playford, such as Gawler, Light and the Barossa, with the CBD acting as a centre that services regional communities to the north.

Importantly, developing a vibrant CBD fulfils a key community aspiration from the Playford Community Vision 2043, with the community expressing their desire for a vibrant and cosmopolitan city centre, with services and offerings all in the one place.

Our city's heart

Council's plans to revitalise the CBD echo the original sentiment for the centre of Elizabeth, when it was originally designed in the early 1950s.

South Australia’s first satellite city, Elizabeth promised a full family life in a modern city. It attracted largely British migrants, providing a ready workforce for local industry, namely the Weapons Research Establishment and GM Holden factory.

Promotional material of the day spruiked the Elizabeth town centre as the “focal point for trading, professional and civic activity, offering unique professional and business opportunities.” It lived up to its promise with incredible growth in the town centre in the years that followed.

Located in the geographical heart of the community, the Elizabeth town centre - our CBD - boasted all the conveniences of modern living. Picture theatres, a hotel, shopping centre and civic and commercial buildings became the centre of life for a busy, thriving community.

The City of Playford's focus on enhancing Elizabeth as the region’s CBD draws on this historical sentiment, while responding to current demand in rapid growth within Playford as well as in fast growing regional areas such as Gawler, Light, the Barossa and beyond.