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Do I Need Approval?

Fences and Retaining Walls

You will need to seek Council approval if your fence is:

  • Greater than 2.1 metres in height from the finished ground level
  • Greater than 1.0 metre in height within 6 metres of an intersection other than where a 4x4 metre corner cut-off has already been provided
  • A fence and retaining wall combination exceeding 2.1m in height
  • A masonry fence or masonry pillars greater than 1.0 metre in height
  • A swimming pool safety fence
  • A brush fence within 3 metres of a dwelling
  • Any fence located in a Heritage Conservation Area or a State or Local Heritage Place

In all other circumstances fences are a civil matter and are regulated under the Fences Act 1982.

Please contact the Duty Planner on 8256 0331 who can clarify the above information.

Where a fence borders a Council reserve or building, customers seeking a contribution from Council must first:

  • Notify of their intent to erect, replace or maintain a fence in writing and provide Council 30 days for a response
  • Be the owner of the property
  • Submit at least three quotes

To discuss this further, please contact Council on 8256 0333 or email


Some trees on public or private land are protected by the Development Act, 1993 and require Council approval to be removed.

Trees that are regulated and significant to the area are usually greater than two metres in circumference when measured one metre above the ground. Approval may be required for works that impact the health and structure of the tree, including their removal.

There are a number of exclusions relating to situations and species of tree; refer to fact sheets below for more information or contact the Duty Planner to discuss.


If your shed meets the criteria below, you will not need Council approval:

  • Detached from and associated with another building
  • Floor area less than 15 square metres
  • No span (distance between supports) exceeds 3 metres
  • Height less than 2.5 metres above the natural surface of the ground
  • Behind the main face of the dwelling
  • Not within 900mm of a secondary street boundary
  • Not within 6 metres of the intersection of two roads
  • Not in an area identified as being prone to flooding in the Playford Council Development Plan or where minimum finished floor levels are identified in the Playford Council Development Plan are achieved

Please contact the Duty Planner on 8256 0331 who can assist with this matter.

Pergola or Verandah

A pergola does not require Council approval if:

  • It does not have a solid roof
  • Is no closer to the street than the house
  • Each side is open
  • Is freestanding
  • No part is higher than 4 metres above the ground

A verandah has a solid, weatherproof roof and always requires Council approval. Please contact the Duty Planner on 8256 0331 for further assistance.

Home-Based Business or Activity

We are often approached with proposals to undertake business activities from the applicant’s residential home.

You are allowed to conduct business activity if it does not:

  • Affect users of surrounding properties or cause a nuisance
  • Involve more than one person who does not live on the property
  • Exceed a floor area of 30 square metres
  • Place a greater demand on public utilities than other homes in the locality
  • Display signage or goods on or around the property
  • Involve a vehicle exceeding 3-tonne tare in weight

Additional rules apply if your business involves food handling or hairdressing. Please refer to the fact sheet below or contact the Duty Planner on 8256 0331 to discuss your home-based activity and seek confirmation about whether you will require Council approval.

Shade Sail

You will not need Council approval for a shade sail if it is:

  • Not larger than 20m²
  • Is less than 3 metres in height
  • Is made of a permeable material
  • Is situated no closer to street than the dwelling

Please contact the Duty Planner on 8256 0331 for further assistance.

Swimming Pools

Council approval is required if your pool or spa is:

  • Capable of holding water to a depth exceeding 300 millimetres
  • Designed to operate with a filtration system

Many blow-up, inflatable and ‘temporary’ pools require approval; you will need fencing around your pool or spa unless the pool or spa is above ground and fully compliant without it.

Please contact the Duty Builder on 8256 0551 to discuss your pool, spa or fencing requirements and seek confirmation regarding whether you require Council approval.

Fact Sheets and Other Items that May Need Approval