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Preparing to Lodge an Application

What is a Development Application and Why is it Required?

Developing in the City of Playford and want to be prepared for the process of a Development Application? This process will help you gain approval for a number of development tasks, such as building a house or a verandah, changing the land use of the property, or even demolishing a building. You must have an approved Development Application to go through with the process, as no development in Playford can be undertaken without an approval.

Most development applications are made up of two consents:

  1. Development plan (planning) consent
  2. Building rules (building) consent.

City of Playford's Development Plan will be used as a guide while your development application is being assessed by a planning officer, then it will be assessed by a building officer to comply with the National Construction Code.

When your planning and building consents have been granted, the development approval will be granted, meaning your proposed development can begin!

Developments that require approval are guided by the Development Act 1993. If you're unsure if you need approval, see ‘Do I need Approval’, or contact us to talk more.