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Applications on Public Notifications

What Types of Developments Are There?

While all developments require approval, there are many different types of developments due to their levels of impact, we have grouped them into three types:

  • Complying
  • Merit
  • Non-complying

Each development category has a different assessment process. The lower-level of impact, the faster the development process is, while high-level impact development assessment process may take a little longer due to its complexity.

View Plans on Public Notification

If you would like to gain insight into a new development application in your area and you have been notified about the development application, Council invites you to explain in detail the reasons for representation, as they will be heard by the Council Assessment Panel.

Please note that we must forward a copy of each representation to the applicant as the applicant has the right to respond in writing to Council regarding the contents of the representations.

Any representation you may make will become a public document as prescribed by the Freedom of Information Act 1991 for inclusion with Council agenda papers.