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Many residents like to keep poultry as a backyard hobby and to provide fresh eggs for their family. While this activity can be rewarding it is important to know that as a resident living in the City of Playford, guidelines exist on the keeping of poultry to prevent offensive conditions such as odours, rodent infestation and risks to health from occurring. Should such conditions occur, Council may take legal action under the Public and Environmental Health Act 1987.

Poultry Enclosure

Poultry should at all times be kept in an enclosure, which is:

  • At the rear of the property.
  • A distance that is as far as practicable from any building.
  • A distance of at least 1m from any boundary fence, hedge or wall.
  • Of an area of not less than 1m (sq) for each bird confined in such place or enclosure.
  • Complete with a shelter constructed of a suitable material, with a rainproof roof and with an area of not less than 0.3m (sq) for each bird.
  • Enclosed in a manner that will prevent entry by rats, mice and other vermin.
  • Containers used to store poultry food should be vermin proof.
  • Food should be served to poultry in containers adequate for the purposes of feeding.
  • Food that is scattered outside of feed containers must only be done so in amounts that can be immediately consumed by the poultry.
Sanitation Requirements

All poultry enclosures must be kept and maintained in a clean condition, free of odour and vermin attraction at all times.

  • Dead birds are to be disposed of immediately by burial or bagging and placement in the weekly garbage bin.
  • Excess manure should be stored in a fly proof container and the contents disposed of weekly so as to prevent offensive odours and the breeding of flies.
  • Replace soiled and wet litter frequently.
Nuisance Poultry

It is important to remember that poultry should be kept in such a location, structure and condition that they will not cause a nuisance or risk to health in any way. Poultry may be considered a nuisance and risk to health by reason of:

  • The noise made by the bird(s);
  • The dust or odour generated by the presence of the bird(s);
  • The attraction of flies, rats, mice or other vermin;
  • The nature and location of housing facilities for the bird(s);
  • The bird(s) not being adequately contained on the land;
  • Droppings emanating from the bird(s); or
  • For any other justifiable reason.

For further information and advice, or to report a problem in your area, contact the City of Playford’s Environmental Health Services on (08) 8256 0333.


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