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Playford Today

Often referred to as the CBD of the North, Playford is creating a vibrant and prosperous community. As a leading and progressive Council, we are continuing to flourish in a period of immense growth.  Whether you choose to live, work or play in the City of Playford there’s plenty going on for everybody. The City of Playford, named after one of South Australia's most influential leaders, Sir Thomas Playford, was formed in 1997 with the amalgamation of Elizabeth and Munno Para Councils. We are home to a diverse community who can take advantage of numerous activities and amenities... from   wine tasting in the hills, visiting our townships, and shopping at one of the major shopping centres, to enjoying quality parks and reserves, using outstanding community facilities such as the Aquadome or taking part in one of our many community programs.

As one of the State’s fastest growing Council areas the City is at the forefront of the strong growth that South Australia is experiencing. Our local economy is diversifying and is now home to a myriad of industries, with a focus on local jobs for local people. Urban regeneration projects as well as new residential developments are continuing to enhance the population and appearance of the area.

The South Australian Government’s 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide envisages massive transformation for the area and the City of Playford lies at the heart of this vision. The City is at an exciting phase of its development as those who have already chosen to live, work and play here are fast discovering.

A snapshot of the key demographics for the City of Playford follows.


Playford had the fastest population growth rate in SA between 2009 and 2010. Our population has risen to 79,850, a 3% increase from 2009 to 2010, with an average of 47 people per week choosing to make Playford their home from 2006-2010.


28% of Playford’s population is aged under the age of 17 and only 16% of our community is over 60 years old.


Playford covers 345 square kilometres and is the third largest council area in metropolitan Adelaide but has the second lowest population per hectare. Approximately 85% of the area is classified as open space.


12% of the population live in one of our three rural areas of Virginia, One Tree Hill and Angle Vale.


22% of residents were born overseas from 83 different countries. 268 overseas immigrants settled in Playford during 2009-10 with 51% from Asia and 29% from Africa.


The City has an Indigenous population of 2.6%, with 78% under 35 years old.


86% of the population are Australia Citizens and145 people received citizenships during 2010/11 from 29 different countries .

More information on Playford as it is today, can be found in Council's State of the City Report.

Playford Tomorrow

Current policy and predictions tells us that we will have a population in Playford of 193,000 by 2043. Our population is increasing at a rate of 2% per year. Following national and state trends we will see a retirement tsunami over the next 40 years.  What we will see in the North of Adelaide and Playford in the next 30 years, which has been determined through state government policy such as the Plan for Greater Adelaide will be:

  • Protection of significant coastal habitat
  • Development of Buckland Park to a population of 32,000
  • Expansion of the Angle Vale township through future urban growth to the south and the north  with an estimate of 6300 more people and 2400 extra houses
  • Expansion of the Virginia township of 6300 more people and 2400 extra houses
  • Expansion of  the urban growth boundary- Playford north-  with an increase in population of 14,400
  • Mass transit connection between Buckland Park, Virginia and Elizabeth
  • Commitment to protect primary production areas
  • Expansion of hospital and medical facilities at Lyell McEwin Hospital
  • Reticulation of  recycled water across the region
  • New strategic employment lands in Greater Edinburgh Parks
  • Increasing the capacity of  the interstate rail link
Post: 12 Bishopstone Road, Davoren Park SA 5113 | Visit: Playford Civic Centre, 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth
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