Your Rubbish Bin Collection

If you have a question or problem about your wheelie bins and their collection, please contact NAWMA (Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority) on 1800 111 004 or 8259 2100.

Council & NAWMA provides your waste and recycling services. NAWMA collects:

Your Red Bin (General Waste): ­Food scraps, plastics, nappies, polystyrene foam, crockery, glassware etc.

Your Yellow Bin (Recycling): Paper, cardboard, steel, cans, glass bottles and jars, rigid plastic bottles and containers, cartons.

Your Green Bin* (Green Waste): Food scraps, eggshells and dairy products, meat, bones, seafood scraps, tissues, paper towels, grass clippings, leaves and bark, small branches. Adding a green organics bin to the regular waste collection service will give residents the chance to dispose of garden and organic material with minimal effort.

Need more info?

  • To add a green bin to your collection, you will need to purchase a 240L bin and register it with NAWMA.
  • Collection dates are provided on the calendar circulated by NAWMA, or you can find out your dates by using the app below.
  • Replacement/additional bins can also be purchasd through NAWMA.
  • To learn more about what goes in what bin, just download the MyWaste App


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