Snapshot of the City of Playford

The City of Playford is the most northern Local Government area of metropolitan Adelaide supporting a myriad of land uses, including commercial, residential, horticultural, industrial, manufacturing and open space.

Council Area 346 square kilometres
Distance from CBD 30 kilometres
Suburbs 35 suburbs make up the City
City of Playford Community Profile

The City of Playford has developed a Community Profile detailing the demographic structure of the City. This information is based on Census data from 2006 and is compared over time with information from Census 2001, 1996 and 1991.

Through understanding the make-up of the population of Playford, Council is better able to identify community needs and plan and provide services to meet those needs.

The information is ideal for use by Council, students, community groups and investors. The information is also great for interested members of the community who just want to understand their community and the city better.

Information is provided on each of the 35 suburbs including Davoren Park, Smithfield, Andrews Farm, Elizabeth, Hillbank, One-Tree Hill, Virginia and a host of others.

Information detailed in the Community Profile includes how many people live here, characteristics of the population (eg. birthplace, languages, religion), what we do for a living and how we live (eg. dwelling type, household size, number of cars).

The Community Profile is available online (see link below) and in hard copy from the City of Playford Library Service at Smithfield and Elizabeth.

click here for link to Community Profile for City of Playford

For a comprehensive guide to statistical information on the City of Playford download the following State of City Report.

State of City Report


Population Characteristics

Population- Estimated The population for Playford as per the 2006 ABS Census was 70, 013. Population- 2001 ABS Census The population for Playford was 66,758.
Cultural Diversity Based on the 2006 Census, 70.8% of Playford residents were born in Australia and 12.2% were born in UK. The next most common countries of birth were Scotland (1.8%), Italy (0.7%), Germany (0.7%), and New Zealand (0.6%). Age Distribution Based on the 2006 Census, Playford has a younger age profile than the metropolitan area with 38% of residents aged under 25 years compared with 31.8% for Adelaide. Playford also has less residents aged 65 years and over (12.3%) compared with 15.3% for Adelaide.
Unemployment Rate As at September 2006, the unemployment rate for Playford was 11.4% compared to 5.3% for the Adelaide Statistical Division. Family Structures Based on 2006 Census, Playford had a higher incidence of single parent families than Adelaide. These families represented 24.2% of all families in Playford compared with 17% in Adelaide.
Employment Based on the 2001 ABS Census, 25% of the working population in Playford is employed in the Manufacturing industry, 16% in Retail Trade, 9% in Health & Community Services, 7% in Property & Business Services. Household Income

Based on the 2006 Census, 17.4% of Playford households earn less than $500 per week compared with 12% for Adelaide. Median weekly household income for Playford is $719 compared to nearly $924 for Adelaide.

Land Use

The City of Playford includes a diverse range of rural and urban land uses:

Horticulture 19,000 hectares (50% of land mass), 4,000 hectares currently under production. Over 60 products grown with a gross value of $70 million per year.
Mount Lofty Ranges 7,150 hectares (approximately 20%)
Open Space Approximately 20%
Retail Elizabeth City Centre, Munno Para Shopping City, 9 Neighbourhood Centres, 12 Local Centres, 3 Rural Townships


The City of Playford includes a diverse range of rural and urban land uses:

Rateable Value $2.45 billion
Operational Budget $37.6 million
Rate Revenue $22.1 million
Grants Revenue $7.5 million
Full Time Equivalent Staff 260



Rateable Properties 27,680
Private Ownership 22,100
Residential Properties 23,280
Commercial Properties 480
Housing Trust Properties 5,100 (22% of residents reside in public housing)

Customer Care Centre, Playford Civic Centre, 10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth SA 5112
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