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Playford's own Grenville Centre is a great source of healthy catering options

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Healthy Catering

Healthy catering for programs, meetings and events can be easy and involve a wide variety of tasty, attractive foods. Providing healthy food options within the community doesn’t mean having to make a lot of big changes. By reducing saturated fat and salt intake, increasing vegetable, fruit and fibre consumption and using healthier cooking methods, you can make a big difference on the nutritional and energy value of the foods you provide. 

Making Healthy Choices

Aim to provide a variety of foods including:

  • plenty of vegetables and fruit, including dried fruit
  • wholegrain breakfast cereals, pasta and noodles; wholegrain or wholemeal bread; and brown rice
  • legumes; pulses, including canned beans, dried peas, dried beans and chickpeas; and lentils
  • lean meats, fish and poultry with skin removed; try to limit processed meats, such as salami and sausages
  • reduced, low or no fat dairy products (no cream), such as milk, cheese and yoghurt
  • boiled, poached or scrambled (no cream or butter) eggs
  • spreads and margarines made from canola, sunflower or olive oil instead of butter
  • oven-baked, grilled, boiled, stewed or poached foods; limit deep fried foods
  • foods with no added salt, such as plain, unsalted nuts. 

Easy Swaps

Try these easy ideas and make healthier choices. Why not swap.....


for margarine or avocado


for baking, grilling or steaming

Cooking oil

for canola spray oil

White bread

for grainy bread (wholemeal or wholegrain)


for lean minute steaks or lean meat patties

Chocolate muffins

for mini fruit muffins
Added salt for herbs and spices to flavour dishes

Short crust or puff pastry

for filo pastry
Large serve of meat for smaller serve with extra vegetables
Butter on a corn cob for pepper or low fat marinade on a corn cob
Potato chips for rice crackers or wholegrain crackers
Cakes and sweets for fresh fruit and yoghurt for dipping
Creamy salad dressings for lemon/lime juice and herbs or balsamic vinegar















Remember ask your caterer for specific things to be included or removed from your order to ensure it is healthy. For example if you are ordering sandwiches: ask for wholemeal or multigrain bread, ask for no butter or a thin spread of margarine, ask for no dressing or a small amount of mayonnaise instead of margarine. Or if ordering a savoury platter ask for less cheese, wholegrain crackers and veggie sticks

Resources to download

HELPP Quick Catering Guide (4527 kb)

A Healthier Serve - The Heart Foundation's Guide to healthier catering (592 kb)

Healthier Choices - Guidelines for Serving Healthier Foods (Cancer Council) (842 kb)

Healthy Food Choices in Local Government - A Guide to Healthy Catering (3626 kb)

Better barbecuing:  Rethinking the sausage sizzle

Sausage sizzles are a part of Aussie life and with a little imagination you can make them healthier

  • Cut 1 cm thick slices of zucchini, capsicum, eggplant and mushroom, coat with a marinade and cook vegetables directly on the BBQ hotplate or grill.
  • Add plenty of vegetables such as corn-on-the-cob and mushrooms to the barbecue
  • Vegetable kebabs are also simple and look great (zucchini, capsicum, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes).
  • Choose lean meats such as chicken breasts or thighs, lean steak or thin sandwich steak.
  • Make burgers from reduced fat mince and add grated carrot, zucchini and onion.
  • Chickpea burgers, lentil burgers, vegetable patties are widely available or can be easily made.
  • Reduced fat sausages and burgers are also available.
  • Make burgers with wholemeal/wholegrain bread, lean burgers of chicken and add salad.

Whether you're a sporting or service club, community group, school or family and friends catching up, a healthy barbeque is a great opportunity to contribute to the health and wellbeing of your community! Why not try a healthier approach to your next BBQ?  For more ideas click here for the factsheet - Healthy BBQ Ideas for Your Next Community Event


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