Biodiversity and the Environment

What does ‘Biodiversity’ mean?

Biodiversity is the term used to determine the variety of life for a particular place or area. It is comprised of all the millions of species of plants, animals, insects, fungus, molds, algae and bacteria, which all interact with each other and the Earths environmental systems (climate, hydrology, geology and ice) to shape the way life works on Earth. Find more out about what biodiversity is and why it is important below.


What is Biodiversity?

Why Biodiversity Matters:

United Nations Decade on Biodiversity:



Protecting Local Biodiversity

The City of Playford has a range of fun and interesting ways to help local people engage in activities that both protect and enhance biodiversity and the natural beauty of the landscape.

Click here to discover the wide range of activities that are great for the whole family!



Ecological Footprint

Your ecological footprint refers to how much of the Earth’s surface is required to sustain you and your lifestyle, and includes all resources that we use to live. See the link below for more information.

What is an ecological footprint?

Are you intrigued as to what your Ecological Footprint might be? Well checkout the calculator below to find out what it is:

Ecological Footprint Calculator


click to link to the footprint calculator



Native Flora and Fauna

In Australia we are lucky enough to be one of the planet’s seventeen ‘megadiversity’ countries. This small group of countries contains approximately two-thirds of the world’s biodiversity.

According to the Wilderness Society (2013) Australia has:

  • more vascular plants than 94% of all countries

  • more non-fish vertebrate animals then 95% of all countries

  • more species of mammals than 93% of all countries

  • more birds than 79% of all countries

  • more amphibians than 95% of all countries

  • and more reptiles than any other country on Earth

The list of resources below provides a great range of information of Australia’s unique plans and animals.

Atlas of Living Australia

Local-native plants of Playford - our photo collection.

Frogs of Adelaide and the Mt Lofty Ranges




Environmental Weeds

Invasive environmental weeds are plant species from foreign lands that have travelled to Australia through cross continental human migration and established wild populations in the environment where they can displace native species, reduce farm and forest productivity and degrade habitats.

The Weeds in Australia website contains a variety of information about what weeds are, how to identify weeds and how to manage them. Additionally, for a full list of significant weeds in our local area click here.

When considering taking action on weeds on your property using chemicals, it is important to consider your own health, the health of others around you, and the residual impacts of spraying chemicals on native vegetation. The Adelaide Mt Lofty Ranges NRM Board has provided a video which demonstrates the safe use of pesticides and herbicides:





Environmental Challenges

Many environmental issues face Australians on a local, regional and national scale. Many of these challenges can be addressed sometimes by just making small changes to the way we think and act as a community.

Thinker in residence Herbert Girardet has authored a paper called ‘creating a sustainable Adelaide’, which provides a range of ideas on how our way of life can be retained long into the future. These ideas consider critical issues such as water security, waste, sustainable transport, biodiversity in the city, green business and developing a culture of sustainability.




Banner - 'Painted Button Quail Para Wirra Recreation Park SA' by Danny McCreadie.

Click the right-hand edge of the image to scroll through a set of images from Para Wirra.

The City of Playford thanks Danny for his kind permission to use these outstanding photographs.

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