Alternative Procedures

There are other complaint procedures which apply to particular types of complaints. Some examples of these are:


Decisions made under legislation other than the Local Government Act, such as:

Freedom of Information - Click Here

Insurance Claims

Complaints of Misconduct against a Council Member (Elected Member)
Please refer to the Code of Conduct for Council Members Complaints Handling Procedure to determine if a breach has occurred and for the full procedure.

These complaints must be in writing to the CEO, marked confidential, outline who is the subject of the complaint, identify yourself (the complainant), state the circumstances of the alleged breach and provide as much supporting evidence as possible. 

Complaints of Misconduct against Employees (including the CEO)
Please refer to the Code of Conduct for Council Employees.

To submit a complaint, clearly outline what section of the Code of Conduct has been breached and follow the Complaints Handling Procedure for Tier 2 complaints. Complaints about Employees must be marked confiential and to the attention of the CEO. If the CEO is the subject of the complaint, it must be sent attention to the Mayor.

Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) & Office for Public Integrity (OPI)
As Council is a public authority and its employees are public officers subject to the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012. The following types of conduct are assessed by the OPI and referred to ICAC for investigation:

  • Corruption;
  • Misconduct; and/or
  • Maladministration

If the ICAC determines through investigation there is evidence of the above, referral to the relevant authority will occur. The ICAC cannot commence criminal proceedings or prosecution.

You can access further information or report by visiting

Whistleblower Protection Policy - Click Here

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